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A Bird’s Winter Wish List

How can we do our part to help them survive the harsh winter? High energy, nutritious food Access to clean water Refuge from winter winds, rain and snow 1) Stock up on bird seed. Birdseed mixes containing sunflower seeds and nuts are high in fat and calories and provide high energy fuel for maintaining body […]

Wildlife and One Health: From Jackal to Humans

Within the framework of One Health, the role of biodiversity and ecology of parasites in wildlife is being studied, though at the present time the current focus on surveillance and control strategies of infectious diseases does not follow a holistic approach. For example, some studies that investigated the epidemiology of infectious diseases barely examined the […]

A Message from Senator Julian regarding the Coyote Killing Contests

Thank you for engaging in such dedicated advocacy regarding the coyote hunting contests that have been taking place in the Town of Barnstable over the past two years. Your input, and the input of fellow advocates, has been powerful and helpful as we have worked to find a solution that will respect the rights, and preserve the safety, of people, pets, and wildlife.


Consider Quieter Fireworks

Fourth of July. New Years Eve. Weddings. Special Events. These are all becoming common instances where fireworks are included. We are all familiar with the colorful displays of light and the loud booms, but we may not be aware of the effect this has on other living beings, especially our companion animals and nearby wildlife. […]


Wildlife Workshop Agenda

Friends of Cape Wildlife Hotline Workshop Agenda Resolving the Public’s Wildlife Problems in Minutes A Phone-Advising and Wildlife Problem-Solving Workshop Presenter: Laura Simon M.E.S., Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies President, Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association October 20th 2018, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) 290 Summer St Yarmouth Port MA 10:00-11:00 am: Handling the Public’s […]