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Friends of Cape Wildlife (FCW) is comprised of citizens working to provide compassionate care, advocacy, and rehabilitation to birds, mammals and reptiles on Cape Cod that are in distress. We seek to enable rehabilitators to be self sustaining and have the support they need to rehabilitate and return wildlife, healthy and whole, back to native habitats. We offer education to the general public by providing non-lethal solutions when addressing conflicts between people and wildlife and to encourage humane coexistence thru advocacy with our wild neighbors in an ever diminishing environment.

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Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle
How do world’s smallest sea turtles become stranded on Cape Cod? A computational analysis has surfaced new insights into the wind and water conditions that cause Kemp's Ridley sea turtles to become stranded on beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.…
Coyote Pups
            Hyannis-based retailer Powderhorn Outfitters launched its first coyote killing contest on the Cape in January 2018. The second annual contest ended on March 10 of this year. These…
Birds in winter
How can we do our part to help them survive the harsh winter? High energy, nutritious food Access to clean water Refuge from winter winds, rain and snow 1) Stock up on bird seed. Birdseed mixes containing sunflower seeds and…