Friends of Cape Wildlife (FCW) is comprised of citizens working to provide support, compassionate medical care and innovative rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned birds, mammals and reptiles on Cape Cod. We seek to enable rehabilitators to be self sustaining and have the support they need to rehabilitate and return wildlife, healthy and whole, back to native habitats. We offer education to the general public by providing non-lethal solutions when addressing conflicts between people and wildlife and to encourage humane coexistence thru advocacy with our wild neighbors in an ever diminishing environment.

Every spring, hundreds of orphaned wildlife babies are brought to rehabilitators to be cared for and to have a chance at life. Incubators and associated equipment such as heating pads and gram scales are a critical part of this work. Will you help us reach our goal? Please click here to donate to our fundraiser to purchase two wildlife incubators.

We are accepting donations for our upcoming 2018 auction. If you have an item or, even better, an experience that you would like to donate for please call Elizabeth at 508-375-3700 or email her at