A Special Thank You

We extend a special thank you to our donors, members, volunteers and professionals who have made our work on behalf of animals possible. We are deeply grateful to everyone who helped support our initiatives and programs. While we are unable to list everyone on this page, please know that we acknowledge and appreciate your generosity.


Maia Internet Consulting, web design
Fran Harrington, IT master
Rich Bulger, CPA
Robin Johnson atty.
Laura Simon, Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
Barbara Birdsey, Pegasus Foundation
Dr. Lynn Miller, HSUS
Deb Millman, HSUS
Camilla Fox, Project Coyote
Stephanie Ellis, Wild Care Cape Cod
Zak Mertz, Cape Wildlife Center
Carol McDonald, CASAS
Sherry Brec, CASAS
Lisa & Mark Kolb, Acorn Internet Services
Theresa Barbo, author
Diane Boretos, Call of the Wild Environmental Services
Ann Canedy
Candy Collins-Bowen, Provincetown Chamber of Commerce
Dawn Collins, Berkshire Wildlife Services
Ruth Ann Cowing, Provincetown ACO
Katherine Miller, IFAW
Perry Lepew Wildlife Management
Lisa Rule, designer


Suzanne Moore
Keith and Caryn Ritchie
Seamen’s Bank

Toni Gelotte
Natalie Kirkland
Eastern Bank
Figawi Charities
Paul Fanazzi
Gabrielle Hanna
Judith Kennedy
Jeanne Leszczynski
Carol McDonald
Loretta O’Connor
Diane Daren
Charles and Carol Peterman
Margi O’Neill
Deborah Doe
Rev. Mary Glasspool
Carol Rhoads
Gerry Tuten
Karen Voorhees
Bud Bergstrom
Roslyn Diamond
Cindy Marvin
Leslie Parsons


RED FOX $100 or more
Melanie Andrade
Lisa Arnold
Roslyn Diamond
Debra Doe
Paula Foley
Mary Fox
Susan Guill
Jeanine Kelly
Cindy Killion
Karen Marciante

Caryn Ritchie
Nancy Webster

Marcia Carlson
Aj Rodriguez

Barbara Bradley
Alice Cozzolino
Joyce Leary
Carol Lyall
Nancy Vanderhoeven
Dean Schwartz


Annette Olsen
Bud Bergstrom
Caryn Ritchie
Keith Ritchie
Nancy Hunley
Kelly Coffin
Karen Marciante
Mary Morelli
Ann Potter
Leslie Parsons
Jan Raffaele
Sherry Brec