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Friends of Cape Wildlife (FCW) is comprised of citizens working to provide compassionate care, advocacy, and rehabilitation to birds, mammals and reptiles on Cape Cod that are in distress. We seek to enable rehabilitators to be self sustaining and have the support they need to rehabilitate and return wildlife, healthy and whole, back to native habitats. We offer education to the general public by providing non-lethal solutions when addressing conflicts between people and wildlife and to encourage humane coexistence thru advocacy with our wild neighbors in an ever diminishing environment.

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We have declared a goal of $10,000 for this one special day of fundraising. We don’t come to you very often with our hand out, though we believe you may want to help us support Cape Cod Wildlife during this unusual giving event.
Visitors and Moose
Within the framework of One Health, the role of biodiversity and ecology of parasites in wildlife is being studied, though at the present time the current focus on surveillance and control strategies of infectious diseases does not follow a…
Winter bird on branch in snow
Winter can be hard. It’s cold and frozen and sometimes all you want to do is snuggle down with a warm blanket and hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. But before you get too comfortable, take a moment to consider what you can do to help local wildlife before winter hits.