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The Guinea Fowl Story

by James Downey One evening in September, a guinea fowl living in the woods across the street from my house in South Harwich was struck by a car while crossing the road. It was the male of a large feral family consisting of a hen and her 10 keets. I found it injured in my […]


Wildlife Hotline Workshop

As part of our mission we are developing a 24/7 wildlife hotline that will provide a responsive system of life-saving information to callers. This is a cloud based hotline that can be answered from anywhere. We strongly believe that wildlife calls answered by a live operator will serve wildlife in need when other wildlife centers […]


How to Help a Snapping Turtle Cross the Road

by Beck O’Brien While the Atlantic waters of Cape Cod might be infamous for one species of predator with frightful jaws, for pond-goers it is a run-in with the common snapping turtle that is generally met with shrieks. And while giving snapping turtles their space—whether at the pond, river, or marsh—is generally the rule of […]

Ring-Necked Pheasant

Scientific Name: Phasianus colchicus AKA: Common Pheasant Related species: Gray Partridge, Guinea fowl and Indian Pheasant   Native: China and East Asia Current status:  Firmly established with widespread breeding from free-living, semi-domestic or feral populations. Habitats: Within agricultural areas, forests, grasslands, suburban gardens, arboreta, and large grass-covered common areas. Food habits: Omnivorous and opportunistic. Will feed on […]

When Gulls Turn your Roof into a Nursery

By Peggy DiMauro Herring gulls and other birds such as rock doves in urban areas frequently nest on flat roofs. They breed once a year from April to June.  Nest building begins generally in early May, and urban birds will often use the same nest year after year. The easiest way to discourage nesting on […]

Bat Facts

Bats can find their food in total darkness. They locate insects through echolocation, emitting inaudible high pitched sounds and listening to echoes. Bats also have excellent vision, is there’s no such thing as “blind as a bat” Most bats have only one pup a year, making them extremely vulnerable to extinction. Bat mothers can find […]

Supporting our Bat Population by Dr. Sadie Hutchings

By forming a town wide initiative in your town to install bat houses, we are helping support a local species that is not only feeds on mosquitoes and other night insects, but we are helping support a major pollinator and seed distributor.  While bats alone are not the sole solution to our mosquito misery, they […]


Time to nurture nature’s newbies

By Katy Ward Posted May 10, 2018 at 7:00 AM – courtesy of the Provincetown Banner PROVINCETOWN — It’s baby-boom time for wildlife on the Cape and people need to understand how to coexist with compassion. That’s why Friends of Cape Wildlife will present “Why Wildlife Matters,” with Kathy Zagzebski, of the National Marine Life Center in Bourne, and Stephanie Ellis, […]

Why Wildlife Matters

Friends of Cape Wildlife & Napi’s Restaurant Present WHY WILDLIFE MATTERS With Kathy Zagzebski & Stephanie Ellis Wednesday May 23rd at 7pm Upstairs at Napi’s 7 Freeman St. Provincetown FREE (Donations gratefully accepted)

Incubators for Wildlife Babies

In the aftermath of a very successful fundraising campaign, Friends of Cape Wildlife delivered a Brinsea incubator to Jennifer Taylor, Animal Care Coordinator, and Stephanie Ellis, Executive Director, at Wild Care in Orleans this spring 2018. The staff and volunteers were excited to receive the new unit.  Jennifer was especially happy about the design of […]