Why is Wildlife Rehabilitation so Important for Cape Cod

by Diane Boretos, P.W.S. Call of the Wild Environmental Services

The wildlife on Cape Cod enhances the quality of our lives on a daily basis. Growing up in Falmouth, I often often saw deer, bobwhite quail, pheasant and foxes pass by our yard. It was always a thrill to see them.

In spite of the fact that we have evolved with these other beings over the millennia, many humans do not recognize and embrace their intrinsic connection to all the species who comprise our world.

As primates still residing in trees, we learned about predators, prey, mobility, food sources, etc. By watching what other species were doing in the savannas and in the forests, we learned to survive. And there are lessons we can continue to learn now.

I have experienced precognition in the eyes of  bears, wolves, foxes, raccoons, crows and whales. They remember us and how we influence their lives.

And as we live alongside of them, we can remember to return the gift of their extraordinary presence with compassionate stewardship and care when they are orphaned, injured or ill. Protecting the defenseless is among the best qualities of our species.