Peking Duck Story

An Unusual “not quite wildlife” Cape Wildlife Center Story

by Elizabeth Brooke with Lynn Miller

One night there was call from the Barnstable Animal Control Officer – “Could you admit a duck please?” So Lynn Miller, the Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation, popped back to the center. Turns out it was a Peking duck from Hyannis; obviously a well-known girl, and cared about. Lynn did a quick exam as the wing was quite odd and realized it was a very old injury. She suspected a dislocation at the wrist, so nothing to be done. Lynn gave her food and water and wished her good night. As she drove out, there was a Police vehicle in the drive only there to enquire how the duck was.

The next morning Peking Duck was quite happy to see staff arrive and she had eaten and drunk everything. The next step was to start finding a permanent home when Lynn got a call from Amy Croteau, the Department of Natural Resources Officer, in Barnstable. “We have a permanent home (Barnstable Farm and Pet, Lombard Ave, West Barnstable) for her and will pick her up this morning”. After she was on her way another call came in; “How is the duck?”

What a great way to start a day – to know so many Cape Codders truly care about our animals.