2017 Recap and looking ahead for 2018

Friends of Cape Wildlife is delighted to be celebrating our first birthday! We had an extremely successful year due to compassionate and visionary people like you. The groundswell of public support has inspired us to launch the next steps: expanding our support to wildlife rehabilitators, education to the public and opening our organization to membership.

In 2017, with our initial goal to keep Cape Wildlife Center from closing its doors, FWC provided over $12,000 of direct operational necessities and our fundraising activities raised an additional $65,000 for the center. These contributions were instrumental in the successful operation of the center in 2017.

2017 Accomplishments 

• Trained and supervised 140 volunteers at Cape Wildlife Center.
• Published and distributed 10,000 weatherproof wildlife emergency cards with contact information for wildlife responders.
• Produced a sold-out Wildlife Hotline Workshop for animal caregivers and Massachusetts Animal Control Officers.
• Gave financial support to Wild Care and other local rehabilitators.
• Purchased a community lead analyzer currently in use at Cape Wildlife Center.
• Provided low-cost human rabies vaccinations to wildlife volunteers.
• Purchased a portable oxygen tank and nebulizer for wildlife rescue at Cape Wildlife Center.

Accomplishing all this, along with becoming an established 501(c)3 non-profit charity, is a testament to the dedication and passion fueling our mission. We were able to give out as much money as we have because we are an all-volunteer group with virtually no overhead. Almost every penny goes toward wildlife care.

But we can’t rest on our past accomplishments. Caring for wildlife requires constant fundraising. Wildlife rehabilitation is costly and those critters don’t come in with a healthcare plan or carrying cash. There is no municipal or government funding for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

In 2018, our goal is to assist in the support Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Wild Care in Orleans, and individual local wildlife rehabilitators throughout the Cape.

Here’s what we are planning:

• Implementing a cloud-based, 24/7 wildlife hotline manned by trained volunteers.
• Providing continuing education for the public on how to humanely respond to human/wildlife conflicts.
• Purchasing a portable incubator that can be shared by local individual rehabilitators.

So how can you help us to keep our diverse Cape wildlife healthy and cared for?

Donate once, donate monthly or become a member. You won’t get much in the way of pot holders, keychains or address labels. We don’t spend our money on anything that is not directly related to helping wildlife.

You will get a tax deduction for your donation. You will get recognition on our website and in our newsletters. You will also get direct access to anyone on the board of directors to listen to your concerns, ideas, and to answer your questions. You will not get a bureaucracy.

Our three levels of membership also get you invitations to our events, periodic newsletters, announcements/progress reports, and the knowledge that you are supporting the rescue, welfare and protection of wildlife on Cape Cod.

Yearly Membership levels: March 1, 2018 to March 1, 2019

$50. Eastern Box Turtle

$75. Snowy Owl

$100+ Red Fox

Please choose your level of membership by going to our donation and membership page:

or send a check directly to:

Friends of Cape Wildlife
102 Bradford Street
Provincetown, MA 02657

Our correspondence with you will be via email whenever possible to keep our operating costs as low as possible.

Thank you for your commitment to the Cape and supporting the preservation of its wildlife. We look forward to staying in touch.

The FCW Board of Directors,

Elizabeth G. Brooke, President
Caryn Ritchie, Vice President
Keith Ritchie, Treasurer
Margi O’Neill, Event Chair
Heather Fone, Photographer
Peggy DiMauro, Rehabilitator