Coyote Killing Contests on Cape Cod

Like many of your Cape neighbors, you may have been outraged and dismayed when the Powderhorn Outfitters Gun Shop in Hyannis sponsored a several months’ long coyote killing contest in 2017 and 2018.

Friends of Cape Wildlife firmly believes that killing contests are unjustified, ecologically damaging, unsporting and cruel. Our members support a ban on killing contests. We advocate for greatly shortened seasons; a bag limit of one per hunter; prohibiting baiting, night hunting, and use of electronic calls; and establishing wildlife refuges within local, state and federal parks and forests.

If you want to ban killing contests in our community and embody compassionate wildlife management by our state, join us and act now!

• Take just a few minutes to call or write your legislators and urge them to reform the laws! Contact information for your representatives can be found by clicking here: FIND MY LEGISLATOR

• Download Wildlife Killing ContestsGuide to Ending the Bloodsport in your Community written and published by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

• Get educated about the hidden war on wildlife. Come see the movie Killing Games – Wildlife in the Crosshairs and meet other like minded neighbors on April 29th, 2018  at 3pm at IFAW in Yarmouth Port. Tickets available here.

• You can also contact us for talking points when writing to legislators or your neighbors or to learn more about joining Friends of Cape Wildlife.

Please act now to save coyotes and other wildlife in danger! The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife solely benefits consumptive users (hunters) despite the fact that our state’s fish and wildlife resources belong to all citizens. Ninety-five percent of Massachusetts residents do not hunt, and non-consumptive users (wildlife watchers) outnumber and outspend consumptive users in our state.

Thank you for caring and for taking action!